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I support you in leading your meaningful projects

Léa Lacroix

If you are part of a non-profit organization that runs high-impact projects on a local scale, and would like to get your volunteers and community members more involved;

If you have an innovative project in Sicily that you'd like to promote and forge links with other active, committed stakeholders;

If you are part of a Wikimedia organization and you or your colleagues need support in organizing an event or creating documentation pages;

Then you've come to the right place!  On this page, you can find out more about my activities and how we can work together. I support innovative non-profit, freelancers and small companies in their event organization, project management and communication strategy.
Léa Lacroix

What we can achieve together

Engage your community

Strengthen your base of members and volunteers by proposing activities and projects to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Manage projects

We work together to realize your projects, from the generation of ambitious ideas to planning, coordination and implementation.

Design events

Together, we create events to bring participants together around a common goal and help them connect with each other.

Develop your wiki-skills

Improve your knowledge of the Wikimedia ecosystem with my training courses on wiki tools for creating multilingual documentation pages on Meta and interacting with the community.

They have trusted me with their projects, events and training courses

Since 2016, I've been creating connections between volunteers and the Wikidata project development teams. I organize and coordinate online and on-site events for the volunteer communities that contribute to Wikidata and Wikipedia every day. From 2017 to 2023, I organized the WikidataCon conference, which brought together hundreds of enthusiastic people to exchange knowledge and skills around Wikidata. I also support the association's teams in mastering wiki tools and creating collaborative documentation pages.
“With her talent for bringing people together, Léa has (among other things) successfully organized international conferences, online campaigns for specific groups, and lots of knowledge exchange. Her empathy and passion make a big difference. As a trainer, Léa breaks down complex concepts and explains them well. She's creative, smart, structured, thorough, empathetic, and asks the right questions. When she is in charge of something, you know she will take care of it and exceed your expectations.”
Johanna Strodt

Project and team manager | Wikimedia

“Léa designed a training tailored to our team's specific needs on how to create and curate documentation pages on Mediawiki. We had a great time together, the training was very helpful, well structured and fun. Lea knows how to communicate her passion to others and empower them to grow their projects.”
Eva Martin

Program coordinator | Wikimedia

“Working with Léa was a wonderful and smooth process. She helped us set up a new platform and was well structured, efficient, but calm at all times throughout the process2. Communication was easy and we felt that we were able to reach out to her at all times, even with the littlest asks. She kept the overall target in mind, but even used the opportunity to go above and beyond. We can highly recommend her services. Many thanks!"
Lucia Obst

Project manager innovation | Wikimedia

Since 2020, I've been developing the strategy and tools for communication, sales, events and collaborative financing for the organic and local fruit and vegetable production oasis Les Carrés Jardin (Loire, France): website, online sales, events calendar, graphic communication, and training the team in digital tools.

« Léa is a competent, available and attentive professional. She knows how to analyse a problem acutely, draw up a clear summary and propose solutions adapted to each situation. She is organised and methodical, knows how to remind us of imperative deadlines, and brings dynamism and freshness to her areas of expertise.« 

Yves Lacroix

CEO | Les Carrés Jardin

In 2023, I coordinated the organization of the Wikimedia Hackathon, an event that brought together 150 people contributing to the technical aspects of Wikipedia and other projects.
“Thank you so so much for all your work and dedication to the Hackathon. I can definitely say I learned a lot from you and I look forward to working together in the future.”
Karen Hernandez

Project manager | Wikimedia

“Thanks a lot, Léa, for all your hard work, advice, guidance, support, and ideas throughout the Hackathon! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!”
Srishti Sethi

Senior developer advocate | Wikimedia

My training and consulting offers in the Wikimedia ecosystem

Master the creation of project pages on Meta

In your role within the Wikimedia movement, you certainly need to create and maintain documentation pages on Meta. With my help, you and your team will no longer have to worry about clicking on the "Edit source" button.

Your first steps on the wiki
€400 + VAT

During an express training course, you will learn the basics of editing wiki pages on Meta, discover how to edit pages with the code editor and learn how to interact with the other participants.

✅ 2 hours of individual or small group training
✅ Documentation and useful links

Edit in complete autonomy
€2,000 + VAT

This in-depth course covers the essentials of page layout: you'll master all aspects of wikicode, you'll know how to use images, tables and templates, and you'll be comfortable with creating and updating pages translated into several languages. By the end of this course, you will be able to maintain your project’s documentation pages independently.

✅ 4 * 2 hours of individual or small group training
✅ Documentation and useful links
Asynchronous support during and after the training

Creation and design of a project page
€4,000 + VAT

Do you need to create a set of project pages or documentation on Meta, but don't have the time to do it yourself? No problem, I'll take care of integrating your content and visual identity for your project. From the layout of the content to the translation syntax and the creation of templates and style sheets, I'll create a clear and harmonious communication medium to help you share your project with your community.

✅ Project kick-off session
✅ Support in preparing your content for the wiki
✅ Creating the design and iterating to ensure the result meets your expectations
✅ Content integration
✅ Asynchronous support during and after the project

Engage with your community with an event

Whether it's your group's annual conference or a meeting on a specific theme, or even a hackathon, in person or online, events organised in the Wikimedia ecosystem bring community members together around their common goals and vision. With over 10 years' experience of organising Wikimedia events, I can help you design and deliver your event with complete peace of mind.

Consultancy session
€200 + VAT

Need a helping hand organising your event? In a one-hour consultation, we'll review your project, iron out any problems you're having and exchange tips and advice.

✅ 1 hour individual consultation
✅ Practical tips

Advice and support
€3,000 + VAT

I'll help you prepare and run your event. As an external consultant to the organising team, I provide resources and tools, answer your questions and suggest solutions to your problems, so that the team can organise its workshop, conference or hackathon with complete autonomy.

✅ 6 consulting sessions with your team
✅ Asynchronous support
✅ Access to my documents, templates and tools
✅ Over a period of 6 months


Year-round support
€6,000 + VAT

Need in-depth support for your projects? I'm available to you and your team at any time. As a consultant, I provide resources and tools, answer your questions and propose solutions to your problems, suggest new ideas for events or projects, and coordinate other service providers involved in your project.

✅ Unlimited consulting sessions
✅ Asynchronous support
✅ Access to my documents, templates and tools
✅ Proofreading and improving your preparation and communication documents
✅ Connection with my contacts in the Wikimedia communities
✅ Over a period of 12 months


Is one of these offers right for you? Or maybe you're looking for personalized support? Find out more and find out the rates for my services:


By choosing my services, you also allow me to dedicate volunteer time to associations and collectives that have a positive impact on their environment:
‘A Fera Bio

‘A Fera Bio is a non-profit promoting organic and local produce in Catania, Sicily, which organizes a monthly farmers' market. I help them with their communication strategy, including sending a newsletter to their members.

Ruote Libere

Ruote Libere is a collective of activist cyclists in Catania, Sicily. Together, we give visibility to cyclists in the city, introduce new people to cycling, and alert public authorities to the need for sustainable mobility infrastructures.

Destinazione Sicilia

Destinazione Sicilia is an initiative created to facilitate and support the return of talented people to their region of origin. Through a community, events and skills exchanges, we aim to support the development and attractiveness of the region. I'm supporting the collective in implementing their community development strategy.

Expats in Catania

I’m regularly organizing social, networking and coworking events for international, freelance or remote working people in Catania. Some of them take place in the frame of the Expats in Catania,  Remote Workers Catania or the expat network Internations.

Flexible collaboration

I'm based in Catania, Sicily (Western Europe, UTC+1 or UTC+2). For all my international projects, I work mainly remotely. Depending on your needs, I can also travel for events or conferences. 

We'll work mainly remotely and asynchronously: to optimize our time and resources, I'll offer you occasional online calls when we need to touch base, and we'll work mainly on shared documents and via messaging. 

We'll define our working methods and tools at the start of the project, according to your needs and habits.

If your team and/or project is based in Sicily, we'll be happy to meet over coffee, in a coworking space, or why not experiment with alternative ways of working, such as holding a meeting while walking in nature!

My core values


I always work in cooperation rather than competition, forging links between people and creating opportunities to build together.


In every project to which I commit, I seek to have a positive impact on the communities and ecosystems to which I contribute.


Leading my projects with enthusiasm, I explore new ideas, test multiple tools and approaches, and draw inspiration from different worlds to bring a personal touch to my creations.


Organized and efficient, I'm committed to delivering results on time. Used to work autonomously, my work habits are heavily optimized.

Let’s stay in touch!

If you'd like to find out more about my consulting services, or if you'd like to make an appointment, please send me a message using the form below.
I really do read the messages that arrive via the form, I promise. However, you can also e-mail me directly at contact@auregann.fr, or contact me on LinkedIn.